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How to configure a mirror port


Pls tell me the procedure to configure mirror port in a SW and what , why is it required?

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Re: How to configure a mirror port

From the FOS guide

To configure a port as a mirror port:

switch:admin> portcfg portmirror 2/1 --enable

Please confirm enable of Mirror Port: 17 (Y,y,N,n): y

To add a port mirror connection between two local switch ports:

switch:admin> portmirror --add 2/1 0x011400 0x012400

The last time we planned to mirror a port was to diagnose the source of FC errors on the host. But portmirroring does not really give you a 100% correct analysis in such cases. You plug in the FC analyzer to the mirror port.

Its always good to take a downtime and plug the analyzer to source and dest directly.

I'm not sure, but this mechanism is used for mirroring writes to recovery devices like EMC RP. The device used a Brocade appliance blade, but from the scheme of things, looks like they configure a span port for it to work. Antonio might know about this??

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