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Help with upgrading FOS from v5.2.1b to v5.3.2c

Hi ,

I have been trying to upgrade my FOS. I have a target of 6.2.2b and am currently on 5.2.1b and I need to install v5.3.2c as a stepping stone. I have placed the firmware in my home area on a ftp server with the permissions wide open. I use ftp to get to the firmware. I have read various articles , some saying I need to include the release.plist, some say don't. I have tried every combination including..

/<full home path>/v5.3.2c/SWBD43/release.plist




Every time it tells me :

" Firmwaredownload Failed. Please verify the host IP address, username and password are valid"

they are!

I have checked and double-checked, I can log in from another host on FTP and get to the files with that account and password.

The switch is a Brocade 4100.

Any help apprecaited while I hold onto the last of my sanity!


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Re: Help with upgrading FOS from v5.2.1b to v5.3.2c


switch IP must point to same or correct NAT / FTP ( IP ) Server.

make sure you are in same range and you have access to the FTP, usually is username and pwd = anonymous

you must point to i.e.

/v1.2.3/release.plist  ( where 1.2.3 is the Release Folder Name)

BTW, after upgrade to 5.3.x you must first upgrade to any 6.0.x -> before procede with 6.1.x - 6.2.x and so on.

latest supported release for Brocade 4100 is 6.4.3b

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Re: Help with upgrading FOS from v5.2.1b to v5.3.2c

Hi - thanks fo rthe quick reponse!

The IP is the same for the FTP as the server itslef. In fact I have upgraded several other switches this morning on other versions (before and after this version) but when I get to this v5.3.2c it seems to have the trouble.

I will try the path again just to triple-check..

Ok, tried again and still getting the same error. I tried using the GUI option as well but it fails with the same connectivity error.

I will try to download a fresh copy of the firmware and see if that helps..

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