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FillWord with 4 Gbps

Hi there,


I am wondering if the fillword setting does have any effect on a port working @ 4 Gbps (N4 oder 4G)!?

If not, then I would like to set fillwords to 3, except for a few exceptions like Hitachi and Blades.

If the setting has an effect @ 4 Gbps, I would set it to 0, as this is the standard for 4 Gbps.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help.


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Re: FillWord with 4 Gbps



When working at 4G, a port will use IDLE as fillword, no matter what the portcfgfillword is for that port. So, you can set it to '3' and leave it for future use.




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Re: FillWord with 4 Gbps

Hi felipon,


thanks for your help.Then I will set these ports to 3, too.

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