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Fabric Merging issue

I am planning to merge Brocade switch (3900) running Fabric OS 5.3.1a with another switch (4900) running Fabric OS 6.1.0c. As soon as I connect the ISL links, I get "FDD Conflict - Strict policy conflict" on the port (from switchshow output) and switch on 3900 get disabled automatically.

Anyidea How I disable this FDD policy and have my switches merged together.

Note 1: 4900 switch is new one - nothing is connected.

Note 2: 3900 Switch has few other switches connected and is in production



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Re: Fabric Merging issue

Are all Fabric Parameter correct set ? Example, Domain ID, PID etc.... ?

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Re: Fabric Merging issue

Dear Muthu,

Kindly fire the below commands at the CLI and let me know the output.

>secpolicyshow    -----> This will display the Access Control Policies

>fddcfg -showall     ---- > This commands displays the database distribution setting for the switch.

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