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FOS Compatibility

My fabrics contain Silkworm 4100's, 4900's, Director 48000's and (unfortunately) two Director 12000's.

I want to upgrade to FOS 6.4.0b but I cannot find an FOS compatibility matrix anywhere that has the 12000 on it.

The director 12000 is currently at FOS 5.0.5f and I want to know if it will be compatible with FOS 6.4.0 on the rest of the switches.

Anyone have a link to such a matrix?

NOTE: Yes, I am trying to get rid of the 12000's but it will not be for a while.

TY in advance.

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Re: FOS Compatibility

Compatibility between FOS 5 is listed in the Release Notes.

v6.4.0c is attached.

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Re: FOS Compatibility

Excellent!  TYVM.

Since these switches are all from HP, the release notes HP gives do not show the 12000 switches and I could not find the release notes on the Bocade site.

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