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FCIP fastwrite

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions about FCIP Fastwrite. My environment is DCX with FR4-18i.

Hopefully you can advise:

- It is FCIP Fastwrite available with FOS v6.3.2b?? If you look at the Fabric OS FCIP v6.3 guide, it only talks about FC Fastwrite...(no FCIP fastwrite)

- I'm going to create IFLs with FCIP fastwrite enabled from one FR14-18i to 3 other FR4-18i blades but I've read that you can't have several equal-cost tunnels between the same SID/DID. What is SID/DID refering to? Domain ID? IP addresses? I am going to be using VEX-ports in one side.

Thanks in advance

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Re: FCIP fastwrite

SID/DID is Source ID / Destination ID, so that would be the Domain ID off the switch.

FastWrite is an option when configuring a FCIP tunnel, it doesn't matter how the features is refered to, 6.3 does FC(IP) Fastwrite if you configured it.

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Re: FCIP fastwrite

Thanks Dion! All clear now.

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