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F-Port status changed to LD F-Port

Hi All


Status of one F-Port on Brocade DCX switch changed from F-Port to LD F-Port. Earlier it was configured as F-Port.

There was no configuration changes on the fabric recently . Find below the port details :-

San_Switch1>>portcfgshow 3/1
Area Number:              33
Speed Level:              AUTO(HW)
Fill Word:                0(Idle-Idle)
AL_PA Offset 13:          OFF
Trunk Port                ON
Long Distance             LD
VC Link Init              ON
Desired Distance          50 Km
Reserved Buffers          106
Locked L_Port             OFF
Locked G_Port             ON
Disabled E_Port           OFF
Locked E_Port             OFF
ISL R_RDY Mode            OFF
RSCN Suppressed           OFF
Persistent Disable        OFF
LOS TOV enable            OFF
NPIV capability           ON
QOS E_Port                OFF
Port Auto Disable:        OFF
Mirror Port               OFF
F_Port Buffers            OFF
Fault Delay:              0(R_A_TOV)
NPIV PP Limit:            126


Could anyone let me know the reason for this ?

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Re: F-Port status changed to LD F-Port

portcfglongdistance has been issued?

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Re: F-Port status changed to LD F-Port



The usual explanation for that is that LD mode was configured at some point in time and left that way. Then, somebody needed a port and that was free and thus used...




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