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ES-4700 connection problems

I have a McData Sphereon ES-4700 and some QLogic QLA/QLE-2460 4gb HBA's that came with the lab space I just inherited.

I have no documentation or notes or anything the gear.

I am currently running QLA/QLE-2360 2gb HBA's with an EMC DS-16B fabric switch.

While re-racking the servers and tape libraries, I decided to intall the 2460's but connected everything up to the EMC DS-16B. 

Everything worked fine - QLogic's SANSurfer saw everything as did BackupExec.

I swapped in the ES-4700, it powered up okay, i see green lights on all the connected fiber ports, but i see nothing in SanSurfer.

I can log into the RS-232 console using "password" for the C> prompt, "level-2" for the SSP> prompt and "neergmc" or "redips" for (P) SSP> prompt.

I set the IP address for my network and tried to access it via telnet and http.

The default credentials of "Administrator" and "password" were rejected in both.

The main thing i want is to be able to reset the password so i can get in either by HTTP or Telnet.

I could care less about zoning or any other deep fiber switch fabric configuration.

I scoured this forum for every thread that might be helpful (because I know someone will say - "i had that problem, this thread was the answer") but while it worked for them, i'm still stuck.

I tried  (from post "McData 4700 No Telnet or Web")

  (P) SSP> cli

  (P) SSP> ews

  (P) SSP> cli st 1

  (P) SSP> ews st 1

saw that _cli_enabled is "yes" and _ews_enabled is "yes"

  (P) SSP> ews cnfg 2

got the mssages

  "EWS _clean_up called"

  "The Embedded Web Server has been reset."

  "The Command Line Interface has been reset."

did not change the password

I tried  (from post "McData 4700 No Telnet or Web")

  Holding the IML button for more than 3 seconds, but less than 10

  Holding the IML button for more than 10 seconds

did not change the password

I tried  (from post "McData 4700 and pcp nvreset")

  (P) SSP> pcp swoff

  (P) SSP> pcp nvreset

  (P) SSP> pcp swon

but got "PCP Custom Commands are already registered" message.

I tried this, from IBM's support forum (Password reset on a 2026-432 Fiber Switch)

  (P) SSP> pcpswoff

  (P) SSP> pcpnvreset

  (P) SSP> pcpswon

Same commands from above without spaces.

That did the trick, I can now get into switch, and everything in the switch GUI looks good so far.

I currently have two servers, one tape library and one tape drive plugged in.

Looking at the GUI of the switch, I see the corresponding connection/link lights

In the Port List, I see 4 ports (0, 2, 4, 6) as Unblocked, Online and FPort.

However, in QLogic's SANSurfer, I no longer see any of the devices connected to the HBA.

Is there something up with the port configuration on the switch or the QLogic card? 

I pretty much kick everything back to default (HBA's, switch) when i install this stuff.

What am i missing?  Why does SANSurfer see everything when connected to the EMC DS-16B, but not the Sphereon ES-4700?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


PS. The firmware version is 08.00.0045, build 45.

I have looked high and low for a more recent EOS firmware download and have found nothing.

Anyone out there have a copy of EOS firmware that more recent?

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