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DS8800 with Brocade 2498-B40

Our new DS8800 has 16 ioports to cable. I should connect 8 ports into Fabric 1 and other 8 ports into Fabric 2.

Should I connect the 8 ports into same port group (ports 0-7) or should spread out all port groups ?

Thank you !

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Re: DS8800 with Brocade 2498-B40

Paulo, we discussed such question here at several Time.

2498-B40 = Genuine Brocade 5100 is Based and Designed on Single Condor2 ASIC.

The goal/reason to utilized Port in same Port Group - Called Octet ) e.g. 0-7 are required with a Trunk Feature, Trunk Port must be created as member of same trunk Group/Octet.

In such case change nothing if you use some Port for FABRIC_1 into Octet 1 and some Port for FABRIC_2 into Octet 2.


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