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DCFM 100% usage


I have the problem with DCFM:

Data Center Fabric Manager Version: 10.3.0 Data Center Fabric Manager Build: 178 Data Center Fabric Manager Server Address: x.x.x.x.

Date: Tue Feb 22 05:48:08 CST 2011

Event: Total file system space usage 100.00% is more than configured threshold 90.00%. Please free up some space.

Severity: Warning

Let me know hwat is the process for delete some files.


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Re: DCFM 100% usage

Difficult question,

I assume that the message was send from DCFM and not from a SAN switch.

Check your FS usage on your OS. Extent your FS.

Check if your FTP FOS repository had filled up your FS.

I hope this helps.


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Re: DCFM 100% usage

I have the same problem in my log - although it is only 95%.

5% free - that is just the amount of data I have on my C:\

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Re: DCFM 100% usage

Check if DCFM stores the backups somewhere on the C:\ drive.

You can configure the backup that the FTP share is part of the backup which probally a really needed and will fillup your drive.

I hope this helps,


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