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Core-Edge Topology Concerns

- We have 4 * 6505 Brocade switch into two fabrics(2 switch each). Right now, if we take one fabric, in one switch (SW1) only server ports are connected and on other switch (SW2) both storage and server ports are connected.
- Now client puts a proposal to change it to core-edge topology where all servers ports from SW2 will be removed and re-connected to SW1. And I was supporting with that proposal since it is standard and some benefits are there.
- But, one of my colleague who is another SME says he is not happy with that proposal, since bringing all the servers ports on one switch will increase load on ISL. He further said that we will distribute the storage and servers on both the switch which will be load balancing.
Now, I would like to show him the real figures or stats and some evidences to prove that core-edge topology is correct. What data should I collect and what extra points can I put to support this model? We have BNA for these switches.
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Re: Core-Edge Topology Concerns



both proposal, you and from a client are not the best practices, for a simple reason, you have just TWO Switch each fabric.


the best solution is follow:




ISL both Switch_1 and Switch_2


distribute each one Array Controller 1/ 2 Port  A /A ( usually you have 4 Array Port each TWO per Controller ) to Switch_1 and Switch_2


distribute each HBA Port to Switch_1 and Switch_2


the same design for Fabric_B:


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Re: Core-Edge Topology Concerns

Thanks a lot Antonio. But in that case, if host and array ports are distributed, will it not be difficult to identify SDD (slow drain devices). In Core-Edge (MAPS) design, it will be easy to identify SDD, isnt it??



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