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CP powered down unexpectedly

please see attachment. thanks.

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Re: CP powered down unexpectedly

Indicate Hardware Error, Compact Flash error, memory error or OS Error , and can caused a Dump.

Run supportftp and supportsave command.

make sure if a dump file is available and remove it.

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Re: CP powered down unexpectedly

2010/08/12-00:43:36, , 3402,, INFO, HNDL_1SW_Low, Slot 1 state has changed to FW_FRU_ABSENT.

Was there any planned activity such as removal of blades etc. This event usually occurs when you remove the blade. This seems to have caused a series of checks and failures.

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Re: CP powered down unexpectedly

2010/08/12-00:03:04, , 3337,, ERROR, SilkWorm48000, Slot 1 set to faulty, rc=2001c.

2010/08/12-00:03:08, , 3338,, WARNING, SilkWorm48000, Sensor values for Slot 1: Temperature 1 = 30 C 1.5V ASIC = 0.00 V 12V = 0.25 V 5V = 4.89 V 3.3V = 0.77 V 2.1V ASIC = 0.04 V 1.8/1.2V ASIC = 0.38 V.

2010/08/12-00:03:08, , 3339,, WARNING, SilkWorm48000, Sensor values for Slot 1: 3.3V = 0.00 V      .

2010/08/12-00:03:08, , 3340, FFDC, CRITICAL, SilkWorm48000, Slot 1 powered down unexpectedly.

2010/08/12-00:03:08, , 3341,, INFO, SilkWorm48000, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.

2010/08/12-00:03:15, , 3342,, WARNING, HNDL_1SW_Low, Switch status changed from HEALTHY to MARGINAL.

2010/08/12-00:03:15, , 3343,, WARNING, HNDL_1SW_Low, Switch status change contributing factor Blade: 1 blade failures (1).

These are a series of errors on the supportshow.

Pls run the cmnd tempshow, psshow, switchstatusshow,hashow, slotshow

slot 1 blade failure . contact your SW vendor asap. collect supportsave. They will ask you to collect some output through root login.

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Re: port blade powered down unexpectedly

sorry for the mistake.  it is SW BLADE. i will replace the BLADE. thanks all.

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