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Brocade FC Config Guide

Hi All,


I've started some sort of structured step-by-step Brocade FOS config guide to include some best practises which I see are too often overlooked or not configured correctly.


The current setup is based on a very small and easy reference setup which I plan to expand in the future to include some other topics like FCIP and/or FCR.


Be aware this is not a replacement for any manual but I wanted to highligt some of the very important configuration options that I see is causing much grief in current infrastructures.


Check over here:


Let me know if there are things you want to have explained on a deeper level of topics you plan to use but don't know how to. Maybe I can help. (No guarantees, I don't own the holy grail. :-))






Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Former Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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