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Brocade AG mode

Hello All,

When we use a switch in AG mode, for removing the mappings between F-port & N-port , I used the below two commands

ag --mapdel 30 "12;13"

ag --staticdel 30 "12;13"

Both these two commands do the same job, but what would be difference between these two   ? Using "staticdel" is similar to using a "mapdel" ?

Can someone help me with this please

Thanks a lot for your time,


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Re: Brocade AG mode


in the FOS Command Reference Guide there is written:

--mapdel N_Port F_Port1 Deletes one or more specified F_Ports from the "primary" N_Port mapping.

--staticdel N_Port F_Port1 Deletes a static mapping between an existing "primary" N_Port and one or more

specified F_Ports. This command removes exiting mappings. Alternately, you can

remove an existing mapping by mapping the F_Port to another N_Port.

So for the deleteing of the mapping it seems to be the same, but it is not. With staticdel you can only delete a "static F-Port" mapping between an N and F port and with the mapdel you can only remove "Configured F-Port" mapping.

Please use the ag --mapshow to see the differences.



Kind Regards

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