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Brocade 300 Silkworm SAN switch ports licensing


I have Brocade 300 SlkWrm SAN switch with 24 ports and only 8 ports have SFPs and showing as licensed in webadmin.

I logged into web admin and saw that other 16 ports (without SFPs) showing not_licensed.

I am wondering that if I buy SFPs and plug into empty slot switch, will it start working ~OR~ if I also need licenses for 16 empty slots and then plug SFPs.

When I do licenseshow, I get this output (i changed characters)

    Fabric license
    8 Gig FC license

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Re: Brocade 300 Silkworm SAN switch ports licensing

You would normally buy an 8-pack combo of licenses and transceivers.

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