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Address displayed wrongly in Virtual Fabric

We are just starting to use FICON on our existing midrange SANs so have been testing setting up a virtual fabric to allow for the FICON settings.  So far we have ahd no joy seeing the Mainframe connection but I think this may be a hardware issue.  However I am suspicious of the way the "Address" appears in the switchshow display - the rest of the display is fine but the Address field reflects the order that these ports were added to the virtual switch.  I would have expected these to appear as 6901/690A/690B/690C rather than as they do in the example pasted below.  Examples that I have seen in manuals seem to indicate that this is wrong.

c80fsw105:FID128:admin> fosexec --fid 3 -c switchshow;firmwareshow


"switchshow" on FID 3:

switchName:     VF3_c80fsw105
switchType:     64.3
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Native
switchRole:     Principal
switchDomain:   105
switchId:       fffc69
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:1e:77:8a:f1
zoning:         ON (VF3_MVS_Test_San_A)
switchBeacon:   OFF
FC Router:      OFF
Allow XISL Use: ON
LS Attributes: 

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
  1   1   690300   id    N8   Online      FC  E-Port  10:00:00:05:1e:d5:ff:62 "VF3_b80fsw104" (downstream)(Trunk master)
10  10   690000   id    N8   No_Light    FC
11  11   690100   id    N8   No_Light    FC
12  12   690200   id    2G   No_Light    FC

Appl     Primary/Secondary Versions
FOS      v6.3.1a

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