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1 or 2 Ethernet Fabric for FCoE in Datacenter

If we consider Vmotion, Oracle RAC and many other system that need to communicate with heartbeat. How can we implement 2 VCS (Ethernet Fabric) to connect on 2 FC fabric.

Does this recommandation is only to prevent a VCS problem like totaly stoping?

What is your experience with VCS? Stable? reliable?


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Re: 1 or 2 Ethernet Fabric for FCoE in Datacenter

Hi Martin,

our experience with VDX/VCS fabrics in a size of 2-4 devices is a good one from the point of easy setup and stability.

No issues so far with NOS2.1.1.

But the software misses a lot of features and functions which we are used to use form the "traditional" Foundry/Brocade LAN swicthes.

Further the VDX/VCS still misses the single IP cluster management feature.

You have to configure and manage each VDX on its own by a out-of-band management network!

We have no experience with FCoE or a connection to the native FC SAN so far.

Hope this helps,


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