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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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what is san membership?

I have been asked to list all switches and how many ports being used, and how many are available, then ports %utilization, and also how many E-ports and %E-ports, then san membership

What is san membership, what should I say about it? It is not so clear to me, no body here knows about it. Thanks for any inputs.

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Re: what is san membership?

I'd take that to mean which fabric the switch is in.

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Re: what is san membership?

You could do this yourself, but if you what aneasy/quick fix try SAN health (available at brocades download section).

It will inventory your fabrics and send an encrypted file to brcd for analysis.

When ready brcd will return you an email with xls, visio and shdate file.

the latter one be used in SANhealth professional

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