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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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upgrade firmware 6.4.2b

please, somebody out ther ca you tell me how to upfrade fos from 6.4.2b to 6.4.3e...first to 6.4.3 and then 6.4.3b ?....thanks in advance

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Re: upgrade firmware 6.4.2b



you can upgrade directly from 6.4.2b to 6.4.3e.




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Re: upgrade firmware 6.4.2b

I just upgraded a Brocade 5470 (blade center switch) from 6.4.2b to 7.0.2D6 directly.  I used Network Advisor GUI and according to a Brocade Engineer, the GUI will tell you if the release you are upgrading to is incompatible.  It didn't and the upgrade went smoothly.  I have 2 switches in the blade center so, for comparison, I used the putty command line approach for the other switch and the gui actually went a little faster.  But I now have the firmware on the GUI so I don't need to do the ftp required by the command line and I have 25 other blade centers to upgrade.

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