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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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procedure to replace failed san switch

Whilst we've been saving our various switch configs (via configupload) for some months now, i haven't had occasion to ever use them on a new switch ie

one obtained in an emergency (ie ebay) or via a support contract.

Is there a published procedure to effectively perform a bare-metal recovery on say a dead 4100 switch if one has obtained a new switch? What pwd details does one need to know on the replacement switch or can a reset be performed? Lastly are licenses replaced via configdownload?

I have searched for this prior to posting, but haven't found anything.



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Re: procedure to replace failed san switch

password are not a part from the saved config from Current or Old switch.

In a case you replaced a failed switch, must change the Default password from this new switch, this are indepndent from the config, suchas Alias, Zoning, Switch config, switch name, all other switch config etc.....

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Re: procedure to replace failed san switch

Our 7500E switch is dead.  We have a replacement swtich.

What is the process to transfer and restore configuration and sofware licensing from the old switch to the replacement switch Please.

Looking at the old switch, it doesn't have the following license and software (which costs like $9 to $18K to buy).

  • High Performance Extension over FCIP/FC (formerly known as “FC-IP Services”) (For the

FR4-18i blade and Brocade 7500) — This license key also includes the FC-FastWrite feature and

IPsec capabilities.

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Re: procedure to replace failed san switch

Licenses are WWN-bound. Replacements are handled by Brocade either directly or via OEM partners such as HP.

You should contact your SAN vendor for this case.

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