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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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portcfgnondfe in FOS v7.2.x

Hi experts:


I plan to use the new feature portcfgnondfe command to attach LTO-6 drives to Gen5 SAN switch with FOS 7.2 stream.

Would you please tell me the exaxt version that includes this feature.

I know it was picked up at 7.1.2, but I want to be in 7.2.x level.


Thank you, Ichi

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Re: portcfgnondfe in FOS v7.2.x

Even on FOS 7.3 it's still there.


Sydney_ILAB_6510-LS128:FID128:admin> portcfgnondfe -h
Invalid Mode -h specified

Usage:   portCfgNonDfe Mode [Slot/]Port[-Range]
Mode:    --enable  - Enable  the portCfgNonDfe feature
         --disable - Disable the portCfgNonDfe feature
         --show    - Show configuration for the non-DFE port
         --help    - Help command to display portCfgNonDfe Usage
Sydney_ILAB_6510-LS128:FID128:admin> version
Fabric OS:  v7.3.0
Made on:    Fri Jun 27 15:20:22 2014
Flash:	    Thu Jul 3 16:45:44 2014
BootProm:   1.0.11


Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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Re: portcfgnondfe in FOS v7.2.x

I think the command might not be available in v7.2.x.


I also wanted to use it for our LTO5 and LTO6 drives.

But when I try to use the command I get the following message:

rbash: portcfgnondfe: command not found


We are at FOS release v7.2.0d.

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Re: portcfgnondfe in FOS v7.2.x

Hi Ichi,


the portcfgnondfe exists in FOS v7.2.1b. But I think You should wait until v7.2.1c1 with the ShellShock Bug is released.



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