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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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is Trunking really included in this Package , performance Bundle ?

Hi ,

I try to find out why we cna't get a Trunk up and running on Blade 5424 SAN Switches ( FOS 6.4.2 ) ,

We have the following Licensepackage :


Which includes :  Bundle: ISL Trunking, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Fabric Watch &  Adaptive Networking )

However Licenseshow on the Siwtch shows the Following :

    Fabric license
    Ports on Demand license - additional 12 port upgrade license
    Extended Fabric license
    Fabric Watch license
    Performance Monitor license
    FICON Tape license
    FICON XRC license
    Enhanced Group Management license
    8 Gig FC license

I can't see Trunking in Licneseshow and the ISL has not formed a Trunk ( We have this problem on all Blade Siwtches )

so the Question is is in this Performance Bundle really Trunking included ?

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Re: is Trunking really included in this Package , performance Bundle ?

Hi britta_luebbert,

Enterprise Performance Pack includes ISL Trunking, Adaptive Networking, Advanced Performance Monitoring and Fabric Watch features.

Furthermore, FICON licenses you've mentioned are only applicable to SAN Extension products such as Brocade 7500 so to me it looks like improperly identified feature codes.

I'd suggest contacting Dell support on that.

Hope this helps,


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