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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to label brocade switch port

Currently only E-Port got labeled (probably automatically being labeled", all F-Port are not being labeled, thus when doing switchshow, it is really confusing to identify which port is being used by which server HBA port.

How can I label the online f-port with its connected server name? Is this possible?

To make SAN configuration change, we normally go to core switch, and make change there, and push the changes out from core switches to edge switches, when the changes got pushed out, I hope the port labeling change would not be overwritten by those changes. Is this the case?


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Re: how to label brocade switch port

Hi googles

The only way i have found to label ports is through the "webtools" port admin. but this does not then flow down through the CLI.


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Re: how to label brocade switch port

You can name a port with the command "portname". The name will show up in the output of the portshow command. However, it will not be shown by switchshow. Switchshow never shows host/port names. Also, DCFM will not pick up the names of ports given by portname. You can name ports in DCFM but the switch will not not know these names.

In other words, there is no simple solution to your problem.

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Re: how to label brocade switch port

Run SAN health tool monthly or fortnightly, in that excel file you will get the portname means, if you have created alias of the device 's wwn, connected to the SW port it will show you there

otherwise everytime through nodefind cmnd you have to find it out.otherway is name the ports by portname cmd, will show u on portshow..but SAN health is the best. you do not need to log in to the SW to get the info.

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