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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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hba 8gb


Recently i have installed new HBA 8(Gb) to Linux server, and connected the storage directly to the server.( this is a test environment, we have switch but all ports are utlized).

In past i did the same and was able to access the storage, but know when i am doing this storage controller goes up/down rapidly till  i remove fiber from server.

i think this is due to HBA is 8 Gb and storage is 4Gb.

is there a way to change the HBA speed to 4 Gb from  linux (rhel 5.5)


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Re: hba 8gb

Yes, with BCU you can hit:

bcu port --speed <port_id> <speed>

See the Brocade Adapters Administrator's Guide

Did you set the port on the storage to direct connect mode?

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Re: hba 8gb

The port in Storage is configured as "Loop" and there isn't any built -in command like "bcu",

I think i have to install the drivers,

thanks for helping.

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Re: hba 8gb

Hi mshah1,

By default, the setting of the HBA's speed should be at "Auto negotiate", hence, the adapter will detect and negotiate the storage array's speed accordingly. Did you install the Linux driver for the Brocade adapter?

Also, Brocade adapters support only P2P (Point-to-point) mode if the storage arrays support this mode. The next driver releases v3.1.0.0 will be supported FC-AL (Fibre Channel Abitrated Loop) which schedule to be released sometime in Summer of 2012.

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