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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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configure autentication openldap and brocade sw?

We have the ldap configuration group like this:


SW_108286H:tpcadmin> aaaconfig --show
RADIUS configuration does not exist.


Position                 : 1
Server                   :
Port                     : 389
Domain                   : san.local
Timeout(s)               : 3

Primary AAA Service: LDAP
Secondary AAA Service: Switch database
SW_108286H:tpcadmin> ldapcfg --show
        LDAP Role       |       Switch Role
        stgadmin        |       admin


The authentication failed, do we need configure anything else, or create an CA (certificate authority) ?

Certificate Authority?


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Re: configure autentication openldap and brocade sw?



Certificate Authority (CA) certificate on the Windows Active Directory server for LDAP needs to be installed.

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