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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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adding FCoE initiator ports to zones on 8000 switch

We have pair of Brocade 8000 switches that we'll be using just for storage.  Our storage is connected via FC and our hosts via FCoE using 1020 adapters.  Our switches are running 7.1 and adapters are 3.2.5.



I think I'm missing something basic because I don't see how to add the FCoE connections to zones using the web tools.  Under Zone Admin / Member Selection List, the only ports displayed are the FC connections from my storage.


I saw something in the cookbook about addding the FCoE ports to a VLAN and configuring the running command 'fcoeport' which i ran and that the FCF forward is no longer used.  I'm not sure if there is something else i need to run to have the FCoE ports show up on the zones list.  I haven't configured the initiator (ESXi) side so maybe it is waiting for a fabric login.  I read about the login but i'm not sure where i would see the output.


any guidance would be appreciated.



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Re: adding FCoE initiator ports to zones on 8000 switch



Please, take a look at this thread and also at this manual.




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