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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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What is advanced Zoning?

Can any one explain me about advance zoning and its types?

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Re: What is advanced Zoning?

I know the term (i think) from the 2Gig era, but could not find it in a current best practice.

The only reference to advanced is the advanced features like Routing which would require pWWN zoning.

If attached the pdf

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Re: What is advanced Zoning?

Advanced Zoning was Brocade marketing term for what is now known simply as Zoning. Used to be a separately licensed feature.

Hard zoning is enforced by port ASICs, i.e. every frame is analyzed and either forwarded or dropped depending on zoning restrictions.

Soft zoning which is rarely mentioned nowadays, restricts access only by means of Name Server responses, i.e. a node would only know about FCIDs of devices it's zoned with. Unlike hard zoning, soft zoning doesn't filter frames, so a hacker can potentially access a device by malforming FC frames.

Modern switches use both name server responses and hardware zoning in most cases, which essentially is hard zoning.

Hard zoning used to be known as "port zoning" while Soft zoning used to be known as "WWN-based zoning". These designations are now obsolete, because both WWN and port zoning is done in hardware on modern platforms.

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