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What is Proc_rqrd?

I have a couple switches (300e) ISL'd and in portshow it has a high proc_rqrd count. All other counters are clean. Can anyone share some light on this counter?

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Re: What is Proc_rqrd?

proc_rqrd is defined as "Frames delivered for embedded N_Port processing"

It indicated the # of frames received by the port that can't be proccessed by the hardware for one or more reasons. Most typically it is due to an invalid SID or DID, invalud VC, invalid class of service, etc.  I tend to see the counter the highest on ISLs as well. I've never heard a real solid explanation from Brocade as to why this is but I'm sure it has something to do with it being a point of aggregation.

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Re: What is Proc_rqrd?

do a portstatsclear on that port. and see it whether increasing or not thrpugh portshow . If it is incraesing, then you have look at Cable, sfp and HBA, HBA's driver or Firmware.

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