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What does Release v2.2 license mean?

I've inherited a Brocade 2400 switch that reports, "Release v2.2 license", from a "licenseshow". The switch is running firmware 2.3.0 and we have yet to get it to work (hosts don't see drives). Does this license key mean that the host can only run firmware 2.2.0 or does this have another meaning?

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Re: What does Release v2.2 license mean?

I have already asked once Brocade what was this v2.2 licence, but I can't remember what it was. But for sure you can use any firmware without any problem. Anyway, firmware 2.3.0 is really old and out-dated, you should update to 2.6.x. If your host don't see drives, check your zoning and check if your adapter has logged in the fabric.

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