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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

Hi there

I am new to SAN switches and want to upgrade the firmware on them. The current version is 6.4.1a and I want to upgrade it to 6.4.3b, which I believe is the latest version. I have downloaded the firmware from HP site, as these are HP badged switches. However I have got a few questions:

  • The firmware file size is approx 900MB, that seems like an awfully large size for a firmware. Is that a correct assumption? If this is not the right file, can someone please point me to the place where I can find the files.
  • Looking at the downloaded file, I can't see any instructions on how to upgrade the firmware, i.e no readme files etc. How can I upgrade the firmware? I have seen a few documentation which directs me to use the downloadFirmware command. However if I put the unzipped file on a FTP server and use the command from the command line of the switch, provide the login credentials of the ftp server, does the switch know to then go and find the files it needs. The zip file I have downloaded contains lots of packages and files. Will the switch automatically know which files to download and what to install?
  • Will the switch need a reboot after the firmware upgrade. Again all the documentation I have seen refers to a warm/non-disruptive reboot, but is that the case or will the reboot take place causing the switch to actually shut down and restart.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

a) They are large because they contain firmware for all the models that support that firmware

b) Check out the "Fabric OS Administrator's Guide". There are 10 pages dedicated to maintaining firmware. Yes, if you enter the correct path and your ftp-server can handle the connection then the switch will download the packages it need and upgrade the switch.

c) The switch will reboot (you'll lose connectivity to the management interfaces). According to the Guide mentioned above it does a "hareboot" on the 300. There may however be some disruption (ports going down/up shortly).

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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

Hi Guldmyr

Thank you so much for your quick response. The initial question was for 4 switches, 2 being DR and the others being production. I have successfully upgraded the firmware on the DR switches, as per your instructions. Thank you so much for that. However, I did notice while doing the upgrade, there is a period of about 20-30 seconds, where the switch looses connectivity to the network and doesn't respond to ping requests. On the production switches, I can schedule an outage and do the upgrade. However my major concern is that the zoning and other details might be deleted after the upgrade. Is this fear unfounded? This was not the case with the DR switches as they were pretty much out of the box. Is there a way to back up and quickly restore the zoning and other configuration of the switch in case something goes wrong. The FOS admin guide provides a way of restoring / reverting to a previous version of the firmware, but what I really want to do is, bring the switch up with a new firmware level and all older configs (zoning, network config, time etc) intact. Is there a way to do that if the upgrade goes pear shaped?

Please let me know what you think. I thank you again for your quick response and your continued support.



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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300


As a best practice, you should always save the current config prior to upgrading a switch. The procedure is easy, just locate a FTP server and execute on the switch the command configupload. This command will save the switch config (including zoning, IP address, etc) to a txt file in the FTP; so you have a backup.

As far as the upgrade is concerned, I am 99.99% sure that the upgrade will go OK and you won't lose zoning or any configured parameter.


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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

Hi Felipon and Guldmyr

Thanks. I shall let you know how it goes, I am still in the process of finalising an outage window. I shall let you know once I have done that.

One quick question, I performed the configupload on the switches that I performed the firmware update on. I am guessing if something goes wrong I can perform the configdownload to download the config and again the installer will download and install everything just like it did for the firmware packages or is there a different process for that? If there is a different process where can I find the documentation on that?

Thank you once again for helping me out.



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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

Hi Dipan,

         You can find the FOS Upgrades and Downgrades details/information on FOS v6.4.3b release notes PAGE 12.

As Felipon mentioned FOS upgrade ( single version level ) 99.99% Non-disruptive.

Important difference about File name from FOS Admin guide different than reality.

Just provide the folder path.No need to give the file name as written in FOS Admin/Cmd Guide mostly it doesn't work.

Firmware download steps on real scenario :

SWITCH:USERID> firmwaredownload

Server Name or IP Address: x.x.x.x

User Name: admin

File Name: /Firmware/Switches/6.x/6.x.x/6.x.x/v6.x.x

Network Protocol(1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) : 2


Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...

Server IP: x.x.x.x, Protocol IPv4

System settings check passed.

You can run firmwaredownloadstatus to get the status

of this command.

This command will cause a warm/non-disruptive boot on the switch,

but will require that existing telnet, secure telnet or SSH sessions

be restarted.

Do you want to continue : y

Firmware is being downloaded to the switch. This step may take up to 30 minutes.

Preparing for firmwaredownload...

Removing setup

Removing fabos-drivers

Start to install packages...

dir                         ##################################################




kernel-module-ipsec     ##################################################

Removing unneeded files, please wait ...

Finished removing unneeded files.

All packages have been downloaded successfully.

Firmware has been downloaded to the secondary partition of the switch.

HA Rebooting ...


- > Restore config with configdownload OR  Continue the upgrade then restore the config.



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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

Hi Felipon/Guldmyr/Felix

Thank you so so much for your assistance. I have successfully managed to upgrade the switches following your instructions. Thanks once again, I will try to mark all of your answers as the correct answer. Once again, thanks a lot for helping me out.


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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300


I could not find the silkworm 300 firmware on the web. Can you plz tell me the location to download it or simply send it over by email.

I have IBM 3534 fabric switch running old firmware that does not recongnise the java and I am not able to view/create zone etc. I was told that fabirc OS v3.x or even 4.x should work on 3534 fabric switch. Any help from anyone much appreciated

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Re: Upgrading firmware on silkworm 300

IBM 3534 = Brocade 3200 running on FOS 3.x, and cannot join with a Simple ISL into a Fabric with New Brocade in you case with the 300, excepted with IR = Integrated Routing, however this Features is in Brocade 300 not Supported.


About FOS Download you need a valid Support contract or ask your Vendor/Supplier in order to obtain the FOS Package.


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