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Upgrading firmware for 5100 and 5300 from 6.2.0e

Hi, Recently in my project we have decided to upgrade firmware for our switches. We have brocade 5100 and 5300 switches. Current firmware is 6.2.0e.

We are planning to upgrade to 7.0 or 6.4. Which of these version should we jump to? M asking this as 6.4 is more latest release...

Also, is it possible to rollback from these firmware.?

As per my knowledge, we have to go to 6.3.0 and then to 6.4.0 and then 7.0

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Re: Upgrading firmware for 5100 and 5300 from 6.2.0e


If switch are currently running FOS 6.2.0e, in order to go to FOS 7.0, you need to go through the following intermediate steps: v6.2.0e --> v6.3.x --> v6.4.x --> v7.0.x

If you want, once upgraded, to downgrade the switch, you have to perform a normal upgraded to the previous FOS release. Just, prior to do this, review the Release Notes of the FOS releases in case there is anything that need to be taken into account.


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