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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch replacement


I presently have two switches (IBM branded 2006-16B) each in
their own fabric that I need to replace with newer models (IBM 2498-24B).

The existing switches do not have the license installed to
allow me to ISL and merge the configuration, so my question is what would be
the best way to swap them out and keep the existing zoning etc.?

I was wondering if I could perform the following:-

1. Download a copy of each of the existing switchconfigurations

2. Configure the new switches with IP address, PID’s etc.

3. Download a copy of the new switch config

4. Edit the new switch configuration and paste the zoning config from the old

5. Transfer the fibre cables from new to old and use the same ports number

Would this work?


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Re: Switch replacement


Yes, that would be a good option. Just a few advices:

  • Prior to pasting the zoning from the old switch to the new one, check that the format used by the new one is the same that the old one uses (it may be slightly different due to the different FOS releases and/or switch models). To do it, I recommend you to create a test zoneset with a few test zones, so that when you perform the configupload you can see the way the new switch stores the zoning and modify the old one (if necessary) prior to pasting it .
  • Check prior to moving the cables, that the ports have the same FCID. If the FCIDs (I assume that the DID is the same one) are the same (specially the target ones in old HPUX/AIX) the migration should be transparent for the hosts.


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Re: Switch replacement

Thanks, appreciate your help


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