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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch replacement

Hello,  I was wondering of an easy way to bring over the config file with zones and aliases from a 5300 switch to a 6510 switch.  This is a single switch fiber.  The existing switch is running 7.4.2c  and the new one 6510 is running 8.0.2d


All connections will need to move to 6510 switch.  I licensed all the 48 ports there and configured its management, snmp, ntp, timezone etc...


I do have backups of the old switch by running configupload weekly to a repository on CMCNE (BNA)


What is the recommended way of transferring a cfg file from one switch to another?  All zoning is done by WWNs which will stay the same for both targets and initiators. (I"m just replacing the switch)


Was wondering if I can take a configupload of the new 6510 switch and then on test file modify only the area for zoning by adding all Zone section from 5300 backup file  and then do a configdownload of the modified backup of 6510 to same 6510 switch.


Will this work?  Is there another way of transferring cfg file from one switch to another ?   I do not want to do a full configdownload from 5300 to 6510 as starting with FOS is different but I thought if I could modify only the section of [Zoning]  and do a configdownload. 



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Re: Switch replacement

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Assuming the 6510 is brand-new , nothing connected and has basic configuration setup completed (ip address, domain ID, zoning policy, etc) and assuming you want to use the same domain ID as the 5300, one idea is to temporarily set the 6510 domain ID to value different than 5300, connect an ISL between 5300 and 6510 to import the zoning from 5300. Then disconnect the ISL and reset 6510's domain ID, if necessary, back to desired domain ID value.

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Re: Switch replacement



if you will connect switches together (as described above), you may reconnect all old connection without downtime, of course with correct multipath configuration.

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Re: Switch replacement

Yes, the 6510 is brand new.  If does have Domain ID 1 which it would conflict with existing 5300.  I can disable the 6510, change its domain ID to maybe 2 and run an ISL and do it this way.  


No, I don't need to preserve domain ID.  It can use id 2 at the end or maybe change back to 1. Again this is a single switch fabric so it won't matter.



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