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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch error messages

I keep getting 0x3c3 (fabos) errors regarding my switch status from HEALTHY/OK to DOWN/FAILED with a mention of a port failure or vice versa, but I can't identify which port it's talking about. There's nothing in the Web interface, event logs, or even the logs on the hosts connected to the switch.

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Re: Switch error messages

Normally, you should see port error messages in the form 'FW-ABOVE fopportState005 (FOP Port State Changes 5) is above high boundary"Maybe you can post your error messages here?

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Re: Switch error messages

When we upgraded to v4.4.0b we were bombarded with healthy/ok messages. A bug was corrected in v4.4.0c that helped a lot.If you have a Fabric Watch license fwportdetailshow will also give you some clues.

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