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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Role question

We have 5 SAN switches in a fabric (2-4100, 2-5100, 1-300)   One of the 4100 switches had the Role of Principal.  The 300 switch was taken off the fabric for a couple of months and powered up seperately with no zoning changes.  It has since been ISL'ed back onto the fabric as the other switches.  When the 300 was connected back to the original fabric it gave an error of "Zone Conflict" on the ISL port and shows the Role of Principal and in its own fabric.  Neither fabric sees the other switches.

There have been zoning additions to the original fabric with the four switches while the 300 was off the fabric.

How do I get the 300 to have a Role of Subordinate again and accept the config from the original fabric?


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Re: Switch Role question

The 300B is pricipal because the switch forms an own fabrics.

If you fix your zoning conflict all switches will run an election to vote a new Pricipal.

In general it will be the switch with the lowest WWN. Very often it is the oldest one.

To fix your Fabric merge issue delete your zoning on the 300B and try again. Make sure that defzone --allaccess is set.

I assume that the 300B hase no devices enabled.

I hope this helps. If not let me know,


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Re: Switch Role question

Sorry for the dumb questions...

How do I delete the zoning?

It currently has a config enabled that has same name on each fabric now and at one point had the same entries when they were previously connected.

With the ISL disconnected and the switch isolated, do I "clear" that config on the isolated switch and keep it the same name?

Or do I delete that Zone Config?

Will it then automaticly pick up that zone config from the other 4 switches fabric when I reconnect the ISL link?


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Re: Switch Role question

on the isolated switch do





then isl isolated switch with the rest and do


Your switch should be merged into the fabric.

like andreas said make sure there is no defzone (which is hidden)

do so by issueing

defzone --allaccess

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Re: Switch Role question

Oh so good....all is well now...

Thanks for both of your replys and patience!!  Much appreciated!

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