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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Error Messages

Our W2K systems are dropping the connection to the disk array. They are connecting thru a Brocade 2800 switch which is ISL'd to another 2800 that is then connected to the disk array. I did see the following error message repeated several times in the event log for the switch.

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Re: Switch Error Messages

This error message is saying that port 2 is changing 3 times/minute. I see this a LOT when we reboot a server. What kind of disk array is it? What version of Fabric OS are you running on your switches?

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Re: Switch Error Messages

We seem to have the same error messages connecting a backup media server through a 3900 (f/w 4.1) to 4 LTO2 drives. We had some issues with the backups (failed) and I'm wondering if the connection is dropped for some reason while trying to use the drives. I tried to find the error message at the F/W 4.1 troubleshooting manual but there's no listing of it.

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Re: Switch Error Messages

As Mr. rsigler mentioned that the port is loosing the online status at a rate higer than Fabric Watch threshold is set. One of the reason can be a frequent System reboot.loose SFP connection, Cable type, distance and number of patch panel connections between host and storage device can significantly degrade the signal quality.

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