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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Connection Dropped

I have 3 Switches (2109) that always seems to drop connection. I can not ping them or view them through the web interface. It doesn't seem to affect production but this is becoming a hassle. If I reboot them everything comes up fine. Anyone seen this before. TIA

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Re: Switch Connection Dropped

Check with your Net Admins to ensure you you dont have to set your ethernet interface to 100 full 100 half so on. We experienced the same thing, until we found out our net guys required, a hard setting on the network interface, something other than auto. If you need to set it, check out >>help ifmodeset

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Re: Switch Connection Dropped

as manny said the link mismatch can cause that problem exactly. I have found that if the switch is forced to a setting and the switch is auto (or forced to the wrong setting) that you can have that issue, also if the switch is set to auto and the switch is forced you could have the same issue. I always force the ethernet switch and the fiber switch the same 100/half - 100/full etc on both ends.

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Re: Switch Connection Dropped

I've had this problem as well and have not been able to fix it yet. However, I wanted to chime in and indicate that I have been able to correct the condition by temporarily unplugging the ethernet connection. At least I don't have to reboot the switch. The switches we have in production are the 3900 series.

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Re: Switch Connection Dropped

I've also had this problem, with auto. We fixed the speed to 10 MB full duplex (no need for more speed to telnet or to use webtools...)on the Brocade switches and on the LAN switches, and now we have no more problems.

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