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Silkworm 3900 (IBM 2109-F32)

I have been looking for end of support (eos) notifiaction for the Silkworm 3900 (IBM 2109-F32) on the MyBrocade portal. But with no luck.

I know this switch is EOL en that FOS is EOA from 5.3.x. But can anyone tell me when this switch will become EOS (if not already)?

I still have 1 of these in my fabric and need to know when I HAVE TO replace it (my mgt. is hard to convince :-) ).

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Silkworm 3900 (IBM 2109-F32)

I managed to find a EOL reference under my support > Support Plan Resources > Datasheets, but I don't know if that enough to convince management

Perhaps you can register your old switch to get access to more information, maybe even a OES statement.

Does IBM still support the switch, if not that should be reason enough to replace it.

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Re: Silkworm 3900 (IBM 2109-F32)


Brocade set the Last Date of Support to 1st. August 2010.

This does not mean that IBM has the same date.

As an example an other OEM set the "spare part end of support" date to 11th September 2010.

The big question is if you have a valid maintenance contract for this box.

The best way is you will ask your IBM sales person. He will be happy to give you the correct IBM date and an offer for a new box.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Silkworm 3900 (IBM 2109-F32)

Tx Andreas and Dion for your answers.

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