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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SNMP Trap Testing



We  have configued the SNMP v1 protocol on Brocade 6510 switch and it is discovered in the monitoring tool HP NMMi . this tool is managed by the Cutomer. Now  we are testing  SNMP traps  and executed the below steps . Most of the MIBs are enabled on the switch 


snmpconfig --show mibcapability
snmpconfig --set mibcapability -mib_name HA-MIB -bitmask 1
snmpconfig --enable mibcapability -mib_name HA-MIB -trap_name fruStatusChanged
snmpconfig --enable mibcapability -mib_name HA-MIB -trap_name cpStatusChanged
snmptraps –send -trap_name cp-status-change-trap –ip_address



However the moniotring tool has cnfirmed that , they havent received the Traps in the NMMi  tool.


Are there any other steps be followed ? 

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Re: SNMP Trap Testing



your commands are correct, just tested.


What is the output after executing...?

snmptraps --send -trap_name cp-status-change-trap -ip_address xxxxxxxx


It should be:

"Number of traps sent : 1"

This confirmes that the trap left the switch.


There should be no other settings needed besides of course adding correctly as a snmpv1 trap receipient on the switch.




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Re: SNMP Trap Testing


We are getting the same message after sending the trap

"Number of traps sent : 1"

We will have a meeting tomorrow again and will update in this Post .
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Re: SNMP Trap Testing

Good evening

have you found a solution, e.g. firmwareupdate and if yes, to which version  ?

In FOS 7.4.2 a defect is listed:


User won't be able to receive HA traps even after enabling the mibcapability.
This issue is seen in all the platform upgraded to FOS v7.4.x or later from lower versions with MIB capability disabled.

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