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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SNMP Error Values Missing Port

I'm currently graphing the port activity on my switches via rrdtool. I wanted to add some error information (i.e. sync loss, signal loss, etc). I found the information I was looking for in the fcFeMIB tables. But, if I look at a table entry (i.e. fcFxPortLinkFailures) there are only instances 1-15 (total 15 ports), but I have a 16 port switch. Does anyone have any idea what happened to the missing port?? I tried adding an instance 0 and 16 to see if it was just an error in my dispays, but both return no value.

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Re: SNMP Error Values Missing Port

the fcFxPortLinkFailures variable is only defined for f_ports, not for ISLs. Is your 16th port maybe an ISL?

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