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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SNMP Configuration on DS 220 Switch



I am using very old DS220B FC Switches with firmware version 6.1.0j & 6.2.2b. I need to configure SNMP traps on these switches. We are using the command snmptraps -send for the same. It is nto sending any traps.


Brocade & EMC are not supporting as this is an EOSL product. I wanted to know if anyone has a way to get this configured and can help me with some pointers or documents, it would be really greatful.


Thanks in anticipation.




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Re: SNMP Configuration on DS 220 Switch



In order to configure SNMP traps you have to use the following command depending on the SNMP version used:


snmpconfig --set snmpv1

snmpconfig --set snmpv3





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