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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN switch replacement


We are plan to replace the IBM 2005-Bxx to new model 2498-xxx recently. There are some AIX servers , windows 2003/2008 servers and Linux servers , VMware servers on this SAN fabric. Those servers are mount IBM SAN storage also. We know the AIX servers (hdisk) will be impact during switch replacement. and also wonder if another windows/linux/vmware servers will impact or not ? any action should take ?

Thanks for support it !!

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Re: SAN switch replacement

Do you currently have a dual mirrored fabric setup with your 2005's?  Are you planning on have a dual mirrored fabric scenario with your 2498's?   If so, and your hosts  and storage were setup with a hbas to each fabric and supported multipathing, you could think about migrating one side of the fabric at a time and still host maintain host connectivity during the cutover to the new switches

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Re: SAN switch replacement

Thanks for your response .

The SAN architecture is designed dual path for redundant protect. We are planning to online replace switch one by one. My concern if this action (replace san switch) won't impact host disk access ? Does host need reboot or remove disk/path after replace switch ?

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Re: SAN switch replacement

ideally most of the OS handle the change online with one path up. But OS sush as AIX might see a hdisk chane you noted above; But there is a way around that  which is to duplicate the FCID of the storage port on the target switch . if the FCID of the storage port is 610413 on the old switch  the you have to make it 610413 on the new switch. i have seen such discussion in the past. But i would recommend to that movement with a test host and veriffy things are working as expected first.

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