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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch Migration?

I have two 200E SAN Switches  that I will be migrating to two 5100 switches.    I was hoping someone had some advice for me.  Brocade said I could connect the two switches and do it this way.  I am not sure of all the steps you have to take for this or How you connect them.    Any help would be appricated.



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Re: SAN Switch Migration?

Hi Bruce,

you have different  ways to do this. But all ways require some know how.

Some questions has to be clarified first:

Which kind of zoning is in place?

Port based or WWN based?

Did your servers and storage have multiple HBA installed?

If you can shutdown all servers at the same time than I would prefere an rib and replace.

If not it took some planning to do this.

Install the correct firmware on the 5100

define on the 5100 a new domain ID which is different from your 200E.

Check your fabric parameters that all settings are compatible.

Check that no zoning configuration is active on the 5100

Setup one or more ISLs (connect a cable between 200E and 5100)

Fabric merge will happens automaticly

After that you can recable port by port.

These are only some big points.

On the Brocade Website you can find some useful guides but you have to read them.

If you need some assist let me know.


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