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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Configuration for the newB

Howdy all SAN gurus,

I'm new to FC networking, zones, etc... I'm looking for some good reading on configuring SAN storage. We currently use a silkworm 4100 in our Netbackup architecture and I'm looking to expand our SAN capabilities (VMWare).

Can anyone recommend some whitepapers, how-to's on SAN basics?



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Re: SAN Configuration for the newB


see in a couple of hours here


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Re: SAN Configuration for the newB

Hi Brain

You can vist the SNIA site

They usally have some good papers on Fibre Channel and all things related to backup etc

VMWare have a good configuration guide called "SAN Configuration Guide" do a search for it on there doc's and you'll find it

If your after a good book to buy and keep as reference then i would recommend this one


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Re: SAN Configuration for the newB

Start at There are some FREE courses there - FC101 (Fibre Channel Fundamentals for example). For some of the others, you can sometimes get vouchers from your local Brocade rep to take other web-based on instructor-led courses. I've taken a bunch of courses and haven't paid a dime for training other than travel.

SNIA's online tutorial are 100% vendor-neutral so if you're looking for Brocade-specific stuff, you should stick to Brocade training. If you want base concepts, the SNIA tutorials are great. I've earned certifications from both Brocade and SNIA. Pros and cons to both. Brocade has a couple of Nutshell guides that give you the highlights of what the certifications cover - they're not meant to replace training but you get an idea of what kind of stuff you should know.

If you can get to a Storage Networking World (Dalls in October), then do so. Sign up for a free ComputerWorld magazine subscription and you'll probably get an offer for a free pass to SNW - I did so again, it was just travel that my company had to pay for. Free passes to Storage Decisions conferences are also thrown around regularly - I've received a ton of offers although I've never had a chance to attend one. They move around from city to city - SNW rotates between Florida and southwest USA I think. The last one was in Orlando in early April.

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Re: SAN Configuration for the newB

Thanks, I'll check out the brocade education stuff!

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