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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Remove all configuratio data from Brocade Switch

Good Day all.

I am trying to de-configure a Brocade 5000b SAN Switch, and seeing some odd behaviour.  I have logged into the switch using the "root" account, and have issued the "configremoveall" command and answered all of the questions.  It then advised me that a switch reboot would be needed in order to commit the changes.  I did that with the "reboot" command, and after a while I tried logging back in and everything was still there.  It's like the Configremoveall didn;t do anything...

Can anyone help?  Basically these switches are to be returned to the vendor and we want to return them to an unconfigured state.



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Re: Remove all configuratio data from Brocade Switch

Hi Pat,

As far as I know there is no single command to do it in one step. You have to:

configdefault -all

cfgdisable; cfgclear; cfgsave

ipaddrset  (to

Reset passwords for all user accounts to their defaults.



Set fabric parameters to default values:

switchdisable; configure

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Re: Remove all configuratio data from Brocade Switch

Hey, what FOS are you running?
This 'configremoveall' is not in the 6.2.x command reference guide.

The 'configremove' command only removes configuration files.

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