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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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RAS Log messages

, 609547/0, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, WARNING, Brocade_DCX, Trunk port goes OFFLINE in trunk group , OID:0x43210880, c2_trksm.c, line: 2553, comp:emd, ltime:2010/11/08-17:21:13:420257


we running DCX4s machines with FOS V 6.3.1a and we located error messages C2-5400 which are not described in the message reference manuals.

Any idea were i find a description?



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Re: RAS Log messages

These are brocade engineering level messages. (Every entry in the RASlog with numbers 5000 and up).

Unless internally (at Brocade) documented some messages only will make sense to developers with source code access to the specific development trunk.

However in this case yo may be able to put some logic into the equation and have a look at message that appear prior to these. Most of the time this will be due to some sort of credit recovery on one port in the trunk or if management applications are polling switches very often you might run into a FOS defect. (DEFECT000262891) Search the FOS release notes for this.

As said. look into messages preceding these. The C2-5400 is just a notification messages that is caused by another symptom.



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