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Problems with CLI in scripts

We have a v5.2.1b fabric there it was possible with a script to read the errorcounters of the switch: plink Host -l admin -pw .. porterrshow.

We have now the first v5.3.1 switches . the plink doesnt find the porterrshow command anymore. The only workaround I found is to work with root

plink Host -l root -pw /fabos/link_bin/porterrshow

Is there a better way to get a script working than with root and the full path ?

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Re: Problems with CLI in scripts


i test it, ad work. I have into my 24K the same FabOS v5.3.1.


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Re: Problems with CLI in scripts


You are right about the path problem.

There is a bug in FabOs 5.3 and a workaround has been discussed earlier.

Here is my config upload running on 5.3 (it's the path part you have to duplicate)

plink user@10.xx.xx.xx -pw xxxxx bash --login -c 'PATH=/fabos/abin:/fabos/sbin:/fabos/bin configupload -p ftp bla bla bla


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