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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port configuration

I am trying to get my jni fce2-1063 cards to connect to the switch in either punlic loop or fabric mode. The default is private loop with these cards. Whenever I change them with the ezfibre software and reboot the switch just says in-sync for that port. In fabric mode the loop goes up and down really fast. In public loop mode it looses sync during the lip on boot and that is the end of it. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Re: Port configuration

Are you looking in Web Tools or via command line for these results?<!graemlin::)> is an F Port, but if I doa switchshow it tells me it's an L Port which is correct. Web Tools is correct with an L Port also.You could try a portCfgLport to lock the port as a L port and see if that works.

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Re: Port configuration

What kind of host is the JNI in?You might try editing the configuration manually, as I've had the EZ-fibre app not update conf files correctly. (I've only used JNI in Sun Solaris hosts)

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