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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Persistent binding

Hi All,

1. What is persistent binding? Is it done in switch level or host side?

2. What is the difference between Zoning and LUN masking?

I have gone through few docs to find answer for these questions and end up with more confusions.

Appreciate if someone can help on this.

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Re: Persistent binding

A 1> with persistent binding (on the host), one can bind a LUN to a specific device file, thus making sure devices reappear on the same device files after reboots.

A 2> Zoning (done on the switch) tells which host aka initiator has access to which diskarray aka target.

        Lun Masking (done on the storage array) tels which host host aka initiator has access to which LUN.

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Re: Persistent binding

actually masking makes the LUN available to host.  when you mask the device to a given WWN you allow this specific host to see the device through a  given port that ALREADY can see the same device.

Consider a scenario where different hosts  share the same port of the storage  and this can be a problem IF two hosts belongs to differen customes, different OS (just example) and do not want the share the disks with some on else. so the masking concept is a like a filter or firewall that allows some one to reach some devices while forbidding everyone else to access the same device.

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