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Multiple FOS levels within same fabic


Would it be alright to have multiple FOS levels within the same fabic?

The Brocade devices involved and the respective firmware level are as follows:

4100 @ 6.1.0h
5000 @ 6.1.0h       
DCX-4S @ 6.2.0c

If we need to maintain a single consistent FOS level for the above mentioned devices, what needs to be observed and/or done?

Thanks and have a nice day.

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Re: Multiple FOS levels within same fabic

Its not recommended to have multiple FOS levels in the same fabric as it leads to confusion during troubleshooting. However I presume your setup is working fine, and hence waiting for the next maintenance window will not make things worse. Use a common management tool to make zoning changes during this period.

I do not know whether I understand your question correctly, but to bring all switches to the same FOS level you need to upgrade the FOS on the 4100 and 5000 switches. Or upgrade all to the latest recommended release from your OEM partner. Remember starting 6.x FOS upgrades have to be done one step at a time. So if you wish to upgrade all to 6.3.x, then 4100 and 5000 will have to undergo a 2 step process.

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Re: Multiple FOS levels within same fabic

Sometimes it's unavoidable to have different FOS levels, especially when you have some older switches that aren't capable of running the newest version. Just make sure that the principal switch is the one with the highest FOS.

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Re: Multiple FOS levels within same fabic


You can keep the FOS as it is, but the best practice is to do the FOS upgrade every year while doing your storage Microcode or HBA Firmware or multipathing SW . It is recommended to take the FOS of 4100 and 5000 to 6.2.x as dcx-4s.The latest is 6.4 but you can take all to 6.3.x.If not then possibly take 4100 and 5000 to DCX-4s level.

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